The Sade of the comedy world

April 13, 2010
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As a kind of community service, a guide to Sandra Bernhard’s appearances on Letterman (available online). If you are short on time may I please direct you to the bottom of this post (that’s like when Susan Miller gives you the long monthly horoscope and the synopsis, but it’s implied that you read both). Caaaaalm down!

1985 in which Sandra sits on both a rowing machine & Dave’s lap

1986 in which Sandra gets gummed by a skateboarding chimpanzee

1986 in which Sandra describes herself as “the Sade of comedy”

1987 in which Sandra is accused of looking like “rough trade”

1988 in which Sandra calls Robert Palmer’s girls “tired bitches”

1989 in which Sandra asks Paul Schaffer to “be real tonight, baby”

1989 in which Sandra is perhaps at her most unhinged

1989 in which Sandra vilifies the English as “so damn cheap”

1991 in which there is a great comment on YouTube: “As a jew i see the subtle fun, yet mensa quality of yr humor.”

1991 in which Sandra tells Dave, “Paris is burning, girl”

1991 in which Sandra talks about her neurotic childhood (surprise!)


1988 in which Sandra brings on Madonna and all hell breaks loose


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  1. gordon stevens

    Is this really what passes for entertainment in America???

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