The =^-^= wore #-#

November 15, 2010
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Až přijde kocour/ The Cassandra Cat / The Cat Who Wore Sunglasses / When the Cat Comes rewatch recently (’63 Cannes Special Jury Prize!). Even more than the scene in which the audience springs into colour once the sunglasses come off, I like the free feeling of the classroom at the beginning, the children painting with their hands and their tongues out. Some are super fast and assured, others look nervously at what’s happening on the next desk. Made me want to rewatch Small Change, big fave.

This girl in the harlequin print smock has a good attitude:
use what vous got.

Four-eyes on the right inspects his pal’s painting nervously but no need! Kid’s good. See him on Circ Spex

This one’s particularly good, painted with much speed too.

And of course, a wizard.


8 Responses to “The =^-^= wore #-#”

  1. Oh nooooo! It’s not on netflix. Boo Hoo. I need to see those cat paintings painted!

  2. Kate Jinx

    It’s hard one to get (partic with subtitles) — email me your IRL address and soon you shall see it too.

  3. Thanks fo rthe tip – Just downloaded – very excited!

  4. Kate Jinx

    I’m so glad Matt, let me know what you think!

  5. jeremy

    wow, i want to see this! thanks for the small change trailer, too. i was just thinking about Jacquot de Nantes.

  6. Kate Jinx

    I’ve never seen Jacquot de Nantes! It’s now top of my list, thanks.

  7. joanna spicer


    I came across this site as I am really interested in children painting from their imagination. Where can i see more of these paintings??? I love them

    Kind Regards


  8. Kate Jinx

    Hi Joanna! The images are from a Czech film from ’63 called The Cassandra Cat

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