Mass Action

Already 26 hours in, with 64 to go, art collective Brown Council are in a baking frenzy at the CWA (Country Women’s Association) Potts Point chapter, baking all 137 cakes in the latest CWA recipe book Jam Drops & Marble Cake. I set up a site for MASS ACTION where you can follow their progress [...]

Tile Me Up

Recent acquisition! Tile by the extremely talented Mary MacDougall. More of her tile studies here. I reckon it would sit pretty near a New Friends plant cozy, available from Mr Kitly.

Sylvia Sleigh

Sad news today that Sylvia Sleigh passed away. My favourite portraits of hers were, no surprise, of the two all-female artist co-ops she was involved in, A.I.R. and SOHO 20. All that mid 70′s energy repped in oil! AIR Group Portrait, 1977 SoHo 20 Group Portrait (Diptych), 1974 I didn’t touch on Ari Up’s death [...]

“I always dreamed in color”

Aurora’s posting of the ’74 Bubbles 7up commercial by Robert Abel & Associates (WOWOWOWOW) jogged Peter Max back into my mind.

I want her all for myself

Looking through my-my-my-my-my soul. . . Irregular internet access is having a terrible effect on me. My salve? Pop. Particularly the Blake Babies cover of Temptation Eyes. All Sunday long as I attempt to get this article outta my-my-my-my-my mind and into print. It’s hard to play the record and not watch the video on [...]

WoW (Wimmin of Weaving)

Many books have come to me via pals who regularly find themselves in op shops* combing through the arts & crafts sections. How happy I was when fast friend Georgina passed on Handspinning: Art & Techniques (1970) one afternoon, years ago. It’s moved around with me a lot, with the hope that one day I [...]

An Inventory of Effects

“The biggest and best woman in the world,” an 82-foot-long, 20-foot-high sculpture, in Moderna Museet, Stockholm. You can walk around in her. I’ve been cleaning out my studio, piece by piece while simultaneously plumbing the depths of my library for books with photographs of hands in them. Rediscovered my tatty little ’67 paperback copy of [...]

Special delivery

Oh that Carl Williamson and his many, many skills. I felt lucky to receive one of his ceramic pieces in the mail yesterday, so heavy those pigeons must have huffed and puffed all the way. Described as a “vessel” for customs, it has a lid that can be sat innie or outtie. The latter resembles [...]

View lots

The auction catalogue for the estate of Mrs Harry N. Abrams at Philips de Pury is dripping in Warhols, Rauschenbergs, Mirós, Calders, Oldenburgs, Lindners, Hockneys, Picassos, Chagalls, Dalis and Rockwells. When confronted with such a dazzling array, what does one choose to bid on? Perhaps Robert Indiana’s Love (1966)? That’s estimated at being sold for [...]

Day for night

A Sunday or two ago I ran late (apologies) to (the brilliant) Sam Smith’s latest video shoot for a new work of his, titled Permutation. It was shot in a big blank space but knowing Sam, I imagine it may look quite a bit different when he’s through. Based on a specific scene, I was [...]