Hey cuties

Just a couple of pink cockies from one of my Australian bird reference books for an upcoming album cover. “One of the loveliest of the group is the Pink Cockatoo, known also as the Major Mitchell and Leadbeater’s Cockatoo. It is a bird of pale pink and white plumage, with rose in the wings and [...]

Mass Action

Already 26 hours in, with 64 to go, art collective Brown Council are in a baking frenzy at the CWA (Country Women’s Association) Potts Point chapter, baking all 137 cakes in the latest CWA recipe book Jam Drops & Marble Cake. I set up a site for MASS ACTION where you can follow their progress [...]

The world is Catcall’s

Catcall ruling it with killer poms. Album out so soon! What a cool, cool human/lady/feminist. CATCALL: The World Is Ours from Ivy League Records on Vimeo.

Spring rain, falling down like love

This one goes out to Arthur Plum White Sarlos, born today, hooray! *first image: Dragonauttt

This guy’s in love

Best buds: flowers & stripes in 1982 via The Reels and in 1986 from The Go-Betweens. I always buy my striped boatneck from Remo and my flowers from anywhere, everywhere.

Down at heel

These thinkers photographed in the Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Café by Brian Bird between 1948-1951. Before most of Rowe Street became the MLC Centre, the Lincoln was the unkempt, unofficial quarters of the Sydney Push and smokers alike. “I was a Lincolnite…it was scruffy down-at-heel bohemia. Edie, the red haired woman who ran the Lincoln [...]

“The Quaint Little Australian”

(L-R: Kerry Koala, Blinky Bill, Angelina Wallaby, Walter Wombat) Cute flashbacks down in the ABC foyer at the moment. Normally I’m rushing in and out of work for coffee/lunch/retrieving things I’ve left behind in cinemas/sneaking peeks at my favourite news anchor, but today my stroll out for a seaweed salad was almost leisurely and for [...]

Some fun junk

NB Belted chair NB Glass of milk NB Gnarly bananas A few more gems from Australian Home Decorating by Babette Hayes (1970) and some tips too: DECIDE ON A BASIC STYLE Informal: The use of scrubbed furniture, folk-weave textures, sisal matting, marvellous junk shop accessories, brightly-painted doors, striking posters, divans, piles of coloured cushions, natural [...]

Workspaces 1970 & 2010

These days I have three different workspaces each week. One is six floors up, lording over Chinatown with a view of fast moving clouds and major Sydney radio legacy in the halls. This book perma-open. The second is where I found these images. It’s my sister’s space within a larger studio, where I work for [...]

Maggic Happens

From this glorious looking album of one William Henry Tietkens And I mean glorious The first known photographs of Uluru (nee Ayers Rock) Taken at a place called MAGGIC SPRING, July 1889. If flashing HTML was still around, I would totally have made Maggic Spring do that. More: State Library NSW

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