Thick & Frosty

Often I feel weird about putting my finished work online. The sketches & the mistakes though, sure. Related: Cute Thick & Frosty commercial.

Flowers & swans

Liza sure knows how to party, YOU BETCHA!

Down at heel

These thinkers photographed in the Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Café by Brian Bird between 1948-1951. Before most of Rowe Street became the MLC Centre, the Lincoln was the unkempt, unofficial quarters of the Sydney Push and smokers alike. “I was a Lincolnite…it was scruffy down-at-heel bohemia. Edie, the red haired woman who ran the Lincoln [...]

“The Quaint Little Australian”

(L-R: Kerry Koala, Blinky Bill, Angelina Wallaby, Walter Wombat) Cute flashbacks down in the ABC foyer at the moment. Normally I’m rushing in and out of work for coffee/lunch/retrieving things I’ve left behind in cinemas/sneaking peeks at my favourite news anchor, but today my stroll out for a seaweed salad was almost leisurely and for [...]

Postcards from the hedge

I like receiving postcards. Everybody does, no? I keep a favourite one sent by CW from Paris, tucked into the sun visor in my car to amuse myself in traffic jams. The front of it features a terrifying gargoyle, and the overleaf inscription explains that it wasn’t picked for me but he’d filled that one [...]

MacPaint by Numbers

Discovering the “Art History” Swatch Library in Illustrator.

Struggle Street

Startled by Dunedin’s severe steepness over on Owl on Holiday, I couldn’t stop sleuthing this street. The world’s steepest! This building is my fave: But which paint job? Also of note is this dramatic photo, titled A tourist descends the street


Weirder: Unchanging Window Weirdest: Kenneth Anger’s MOUSE HEAVEN (2004) * 2nd Photo by Ye Rin Mok

She can be a neurosurgeon / If she’s doin’ nothing urgent

A quick PSA to check that we’re all on the same page regarding McCartney II. In particular, Temporary Secretary. Good, OK. Tip of my mop top to AP for the o.g. intro. Images from FYPM.

It gets better

I’ve been watching lots of the it gets better videos the last couple of days. It’s true, it really does! Trust me. A fave from my own small gay small press collection: Dyke Jacket: Poems & Songs by Fran Winant (’76) I walk out of the snack place with my package swinging in one hand [...]

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