Thick & Frosty

Often I feel weird about putting my finished work online. The sketches & the mistakes though, sure. Related: Cute Thick & Frosty commercial.

Tile Me Up

Recent acquisition! Tile by the extremely talented Mary MacDougall. More of her tile studies here. I reckon it would sit pretty near a New Friends plant cozy, available from Mr Kitly.


Digital remnants of something I made. Leftover stars & black holes.


Deep in film festival programme highlighter mode at the moment, with the Sydney Film Festival opening in less than a month (Attenberg! The Arbor! Meek’s Cutoff!), followed by Melbourne’s in late July. Not to mention the indigenous film festival that was just held at the Sydney Opera House, the Spanish Film Festival on right now [...]

Some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I’m fine

Got a headache? Me too. Just wait for the 3D lenticular printing! Sometimes it’s fun to make things you normally wouldn’t. Unintelligent clashing. Aiyaiyai.

Doing it right, day and night

LIKE IT T-I-IS. More soon but right now I’ve gotta move i-i-i-it.

MacPaint by Numbers

Discovering the “Art History” Swatch Library in Illustrator.

Bosom for a pillow

Something from my library to look at while I move house. Women, Tadashito Nadamoto (1966). And by “my library” I mean, a book in a book. Original source: the clunkily titled Book Design of Graphic Designers in Japan which I file under: INVALUABLE.

Class Notes ’33

The Group & a Polish poster I saved many moons ago. Similar, no? Thanks to a pal’s knowhow, I recently managed to track down a copy of Sidney Lumet’s 1966 film The Group, based on Mary McCarthy’s (by all accounts, scandalous) novel. The first time I saw it was by accident, late one night on [...]

Cover judgement

Books I have felt compelled to hold up and take photos of, regardless of intent to purchase. Fast Speaking Woman Anne Waldman Published by City Lights Books (1975) — BOUGHT “Also included are nine other “chants” with which she has awakened many audiences, and they are worth cutting down trees to print” Manhattan Primitive Robert [...]

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