Candy coloured clown

The opening credits of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy are a pretty straight up homage to Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising. All the same, if I were the props dept I’d be nervous about a magical come-uppance from the high priest himself, if those rumours about him cursing David Lynch for Blue Velvet are anything to go [...]

The women of Before Stonewall

after Stonewall.

Les Présentations

Not quite sure how, but yesterday I stumbled upon this great casting clip (major eyeroll at 47 seconds!) of Isabelle Adjani for La sauveur (she didn’t get the role) and, as youtube tends to do, it started me in on watching a lot of French screen tests from around the same period, noting their similarities: [...]

Off duty

I kind of miss the days I could attend the film festival as a flexi pass holder, booking tickets months in advance and turning up to everything except all the 10am ones that I had, at the time, fully intended to wake up for. I’d structure my month around it, take leave, and drink more [...]


Deep in film festival programme highlighter mode at the moment, with the Sydney Film Festival opening in less than a month (Attenberg! The Arbor! Meek’s Cutoff!), followed by Melbourne’s in late July. Not to mention the indigenous film festival that was just held at the Sydney Opera House, the Spanish Film Festival on right now [...]

People who put ‘living’ before ‘a living’

The new film adaptation of Brighton Rock which repositions Graham Greene’s classic novel in the mods vs rockers clash of 1964 inspired a mod film special on my radio show Too Much today. While digging up old newsreels about the brawls (“the threat of long haired youngsters with knives indulging in an orgy of hooliganism”) [...]

Some girls

Buck-toothed girls from Luxembourg c/o Smiths & Morrissey clips Talked today to Lucy from The Brag about The Smiths night presented by Unloveable with Rainoff for Imperial Panda. Please come dance.

Two Lane Blacktop

In 2011, I’m planning on a lot of road tripping and sea faring. A D V E N T U R E ! In January & February: Dia for sure. Perhaps DC? (HMMPH) In March: Ballets Russes & some gold soundz! (HAWKWIND) Ralph Lauren’s garage Photos by Todd Eberle An aside: Have you seen Two [...]


I’ve been watching other people’s New Year’s parties, home videos from the 60′s and 70′s. A lot of wood paneling and semi-shy teens. Some favourites: Unknown family home, ’71 NB Quiet girls on the lounge Altoona, 60′s NB Make-out king & queen Unknown location, 60′s NB Decorated pool room! East 28th St Brooklyn, ’60 NB [...]

La Belle

“Take it easy!” said my my GP, as he examined my convalescing tonsils. OK! I said, fingers crossed behind my back, and went out immediately to buy a bicycle. About time. A shout out to my father who would never read this because he has only sent two emails in his life (both to me, [...]

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