Hey cuties

Just a couple of pink cockies from one of my Australian bird reference books for an upcoming album cover. “One of the loveliest of the group is the Pink Cockatoo, known also as the Major Mitchell and Leadbeater’s Cockatoo. It is a bird of pale pink and white plumage, with rose in the wings and [...]

The world is Catcall’s

Catcall ruling it with killer poms. Album out so soon! What a cool, cool human/lady/feminist. CATCALL: The World Is Ours from Ivy League Records on Vimeo.

This guy’s in love

Best buds: flowers & stripes in 1982 via The Reels and in 1986 from The Go-Betweens. I always buy my striped boatneck from Remo and my flowers from anywhere, everywhere.

Some girls

Buck-toothed girls from Luxembourg c/o Smiths & Morrissey clips Talked today to Lucy from The Brag about The Smiths night presented by Unloveable with Rainoff for Imperial Panda. Please come dance.

Southerly Buster

A blizzard on one side of the world and a heatwave on the other. Here’s a tropical mixer for you while I sort out my NYC posts and my jetlag too. There’s also an archived radio show of mine here, Lady Loose Joints if you’re so inclined. * Only one thing I ask of you: [...]

The World Backwards

Stealing a minute at home before heading out again yesterday afternoon, I was listening to Tender Buttons. As Corporeal came on, I glanced to my left and saw the above on my wall. Light reflecting through a palm tree and old glass, hovering above my bed like a curious crystal. The news of Trish Keenan’s [...]

Feliz Naviblah

My father, with cats and a humble tree, late 60s? Great shorts. I’ve a soft spot for Christmas music, an innate appreciation for bubblegum. Usually my favourites verge on novelty (I swear to you there must have been a super producer, Buddah Records style, behind the Pebbles & Bam Bam holiday record because Snowflake verges [...]

Love’s Long Listen-In

Broadcast Australian tour video Broadcast is just a week away. Can’t remember the last time I was this thrilled about an international tour. It’s nice to feel a teen exhilaration a good decade after the fact. Australian tour dates & tickets here, so come along, why don’t you?

The Pirate & the Crystal Ball

A short fantasy sequence made for/by The Incredible String Band in 1969, featured in Be Glad For the Song Has No Ending originally planned to screen on BBC Arts Omnibus program. The pirate’s costume is totally panto steez (he’s behind you!) but the coven looks cosy. Found in a roundabout way via Stopping Off Place


New York, 10th February, 1964 (from a terrible book I bought just for this photo) Teen photo of Cynthia from Word Is Out Starshooter Get Baque, 24th December 1977. NB 1:10

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