Candy coloured clown

The opening credits of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy are a pretty straight up homage to Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising. All the same, if I were the props dept I’d be nervous about a magical come-uppance from the high priest himself, if those rumours about him cursing David Lynch for Blue Velvet are anything to go [...]

People who put ‘living’ before ‘a living’

The new film adaptation of Brighton Rock which repositions Graham Greene’s classic novel in the mods vs rockers clash of 1964 inspired a mod film special on my radio show Too Much today. While digging up old newsreels about the brawls (“the threat of long haired youngsters with knives indulging in an orgy of hooliganism”) [...]

Come down to London town

While searching for live Pentangle clips online (no, no, not procrastinating or anything of the sort), I came upon the opening theme of a BBC series from 1969 called Take Three Girls, a title recently referenced (a-ha!) for a Dolly Mixture documentary that I’m pretty desperate to see. The three: (single mum) (art student) (cellist) [...]